Perfect 1:1 Replica Cartier Santos Galbée XL For Sale

One watch that lives in a different realm from my own is the aaa quality fake Cartier Santos Galbée XL ref. 2823. It is my preferred version of an iconic, historic design. This is the exact reference that my colleague Daan rocks. Fascinatingly, he almost single-handedly popularized this Swiss made replica Cartier on Instagram. Some people now even refer to it as “the Daan watch.”

Although you might argue, as Daan did, that this is also a GADA watch, it wouldn’t serve that purpose for me. To me, it is a landmark design. I love the signature Swiss movement replica Cartier dial layout, one of the few on which I appreciate Roman numerals. The case and bracelet teleport me to early 20th-century Paris. I also love the size and stance on my 17cm wrist.

I came close to buying one in 2023. It was either the cheap super clone Cartier or the Panerai. It remains on my wish list for 2024. I am quite sure that I will purchase one at some point, and if not this year, then sometime soon after.

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