Cheap Replica Cartier Tank Louis Cartier Mosaic Collection

A homage to the Tank Must de Cartier dials of the ’70s, perfect fake Cartier presented two distinct mosaic patterns that offered quite striking and groovy aesthetics, which have a sort of glamorous disco flair. The yellow gold model above (right) utilizes a squared-tiling pattern for its mosaic motif, with white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, in that order, sort of exploding into one another and creating a gradient of sorts evenly. The rose gold luxury fake Cartier (left), has a brick-layered look that heavily emphasises the yellow and rose gold hues with accents of white gold.

I strongly believe that the 1:1 replica Must de Cartier era, while a seemingly failed experiment at the time, should continue to be revived – or refreshed rather. Perhaps not 1:1 recreations, but with people now favouring some of these vintage designs I think it would be wise to continue to leverage their foundations into new designs for the current market.

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