Tyler, the Creator – Swiss Made Replica Cartier Pebble

Seated next to Lewis Hamilton in the front row of the LV show was acclaimed hip-hop artist Tyler, the Creator – another Pharrell collaborator and arguably Pharrell’s biggest fan. Like Pharrell, Tyler has also dabbled in fashion, through his Golf le Fleur clothing label and collabs with Vans and Converse.

Tyler’s also become something of a watch fancier, and he’s got a particular love for vintage 1:1 replica Cartier. He’s been spotted at more than a few vintage watch auctions bidding on Cartier lots and we’ve seen him flex a luxury fake Cartier Tank Obus Quadrant on the red carpet before.

This time, he wore a Swiss made replica Cartier Pebble: an unusual and obscure Cartier with a spherical case and diamond-shaped face. First released in 1972 (although only six examples are known to have been produced), the Pebble was re-released in a limited edition of 150 last year. It’s not clear whether Tyler’s is one of the OGs or from the rerelease (it’s probably the latter), but in any case, it’s an aaa quality fake watch that’s demonstrative of his impeccable taste.

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