Luxury Replica Cartier Tank Must (ref. WSTA0041) — €3,350

Before deciding to apply the rule of avoiding perfect replica watches in my collection, I had included my beloved Omega Seamaster Professional 300M reference 2254.50 at this point in the list. However, as I am sticking to the rules, I’ll go with a dress watch instead. And that watch is the cheap fake Cartier Tank Must reference WSTA0041. Now, the options for a dress(y) watch at around €3,000 are many. But I’m taking inspiration from what works in my collection without directly taking from it.

Swiss made replica Cartier also seems like a perfect choice given the brand’s heritage and the undeniably iconic style of the Tank’s case, rectangular dial, and Roman numerals. A JLC Reverso would have also been a good option, but keeping budget restrictions in mind, the top copy Cartier Tank Must is the way to go.

I own a high quality replica Cartier Tank Solo with a slightly larger size and a less rounded case. It’s a watch I often wear in the colder months, on dressier occasions, or if I’m feeling particularly “fancy” in the summer. Its quartz movement, like the one found in the Tank Must, keeps it running reliably on time during long spells of not being worn. My day-to-day routine, hobbies, and individual style don’t make me a dress-watch guy. Other than on rare occasions, I’ll wear a sports copy watch of some description. However, with €25,000 to spend, I can pack my horological arsenal with all the tools I might need. My next two picks Cartier super clone watches for sale will also reflect this approach. So, that’s another €3,350 down. On to the last two picks!